Council of Economic Advisors

The Council of Economic Advisors and President Preckwinkle share a "lighter moment"  before the official business of the meeting began.

The Council of Economic Advisors held their first working session on Monday, October 29.  Appointed by President Preckwinkle earlier this year,  the Council will provide high-level advice on industry clusters that are expected to grow,  such as transportation, logistics and manufacturing that are historic hallmarks of this region’s economy, and the public investments that will make expansion possible in the County and the region.  The Council is co-chaired by:  William A. Osborn, Chairman of the Board, Northwestern University and John Rogers, Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Ariel Investments. The meeting opened with Welcome and Introductions, along with remarks from President Preckwinkle.  A presenation entitled "Cook County in the Metropolitan Economy" was given by Frank Beal, Metropolis Strategies and Bob Weissbourd, RW Ventures.  The remainder of the time was spent with dialogue on the regional economy from the perspectives of the various CEOs present.  The Council committed to get more details and action-oriented items to the two co-chairs before the next meeting. The Council of Economic Advisors will serve as President Preckwinkle's strategic resource as she seeks to position Cook County government and the greater Chicago region to better compete in the global economy.  The Charge of the Council of Economic Advisors is: *Assist the President on effective strategies for Cook County to strengthen the region's economy *Assist the County in implementing economic growth strategies *Assist the President in fostering regional collaboration around the economic growth agenda The Council will continue to meet regularly in 2013, with a focus on a regional growth agenda. Press Release appointing the Council of Economic Advisors