Photos from the Freedom’s Path Groundbreaking on May 22, 2014


Ms. Cruzat

Ms. Cruzat, herself a Navy veteran, represents President Preckwinkle and Cook County when delivering her remarks.



Dr. Young

The Keynote speaker was Dr. Carlton Young, author and United States Marine Corps veteran. He offered an inspirational and poignant view of his life and those of many other veterans who have served our country.


Ms. Kenny

Mary Kenny, Director, Illinois Housing Development Authority, makes remarks. Standing to the side in the doorway is Herman Brewer, Bureau Chief, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development.


Mr. Monocchio

Richard Monocchio, Director, Housing Authority of Cook County, discusses their voucher program and his agency’s contribution to this project.


Refreshments and Conversation

Later in the program, there was time for conversation and refreshments.



Construction Begins!

With the ground officially broken, construction on Freedom’s Path begins!

We the People

The backdrop for the event included inspirational words from the U.S. Constitution – “We the People”, honoring all who serve, and have served our nation.