Planning-for-Progress-Logo copyDeputy Chief of Staff Tasha Cruzat and Planning and Development Director Susan Campell addressed the Donors Forum on April 17th. The topic was Planning for Progress and included President Preckwinkle’s pro-active approach to regional collaboration. “Under President Preckwinkle’s leadership and for the first time in Cook County, Planning for Progress unites two Federally-required strategic plans into a joint planning process and single, action oriented document,” explained Ms. Cruzat.

“With technical assistance provided by CMAP, this data-driven planning process was formally launched in October 2013 and engaged more than 2,000 stakeholders, including public officials, business leaders, developers, service providers, major employers, other funders, and members of the general public, in a dialogue about how to strategically plan for, and deploy, our resources,” said Ms. Campbell.

Ms. Jennifer Miller, Program Manager talked about the specifics of the plan, and the need for both government and philanthropic resources as part of the next steps.

Other speakers included Antonio R. Riley, Midwest Regional Administrator of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and Jeannette P. Tamayo, Chicago Regional Director, Economic Development Administration who spoke about Planning for Progress from their perspectives.

A robust discussion regarding related goals, strategies, and priorities as well as opportunities for partnership, philanthropy, coordination with others in attendance and next steps forward, followed the formal comments.