About Us

Mission of the Bureau of Economic Development:
The mission of the Cook County Bureau of Economic Development is to foster
economic development, promote regional collaboration, workforce and community development
within Cook County through the strategic leveraging of resources and efficient professional management.

Cook County Bureau of Economic Advisors (CEA)
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Partnering for Prosperity
Planning for Progress

Departments in our Bureau:

Mandates and Key Activities
• Business growth, attraction, and retention
• Job creation and supporting sustainable employment
• Regional planning  and coordination focused on the integration of economic, physical, and social
• Sustainable community investment connecting housing, employment
development and transportation
• Affordable housing
• Enforcement of Building and Zoning regulations

Meet our Bureau Chief:

Michael Jasso, Bureau of Economic Development

Michael Jasso, Bureau of Economic Development


Michael Jasso,  Bureau Chief, Bureau of Economic Development

More about Mike Jasso

Senior Staff:

Susan Campbell, Director,  Planning and Development
Timothy P. Bleuher, Commissioner, Building and Zoning
Andrew Przybylo, Secretary, Zoning Board of Appeals




We work closely with:

Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
Cook County Land Bank Authority
Housing Authority of Cook County

E-mail us at: Info.Edev@cookcountyil.gov