About Us 

Mission of the Bureau of Economic Development:

  • Stimulates Job and Economic Growth
  • Plans and Invests Strategically in Communities
  • Builds Partnerships to Leverage Resources
  • Streamlines Operations to Improve Services and Efficiencies

Meet our Bureau Chief:

Herman Brewer, Bureau Chief, Bureau of Economic Development

Herman joined the Cook County Bureau of Economic Development initially as the Director of Capital Planning & Community Development departments in the Spring of 2011. In December of 2011, Herman was named Bureau Chief for Economic Development; taking charge of all departments within the newly formed area of County government. The departments include Planning & Development, Capital Planning,  Real Estate, Building & Zoning and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Before arriving at Cook County, Herman served as Executive Vice President of the Chicago Urban League, managing the daily operations and all program areas, including its Entrepreneurship Center, Workforce Development, Housing, Education, marketing and communications. In September of 2009 Brewer was asked to serve as Acting President and CEO during the organization’s leadership transition process.  Click here for his full biography.


Senior Staff:

Michael Jasso, Director,  Planning and Development
John Cooke, Director, Office of Capital Planning and Policy
Anna Ashcraft, Director, Real Estate Management
Timothy P. Bleuher, Commissioner, Building and Zoning
Andrew Przybylo, Secretary, Zoning Board of Appeals


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We work closely with:

Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
Cook County Land Bank Authority
Housing Authority of Cook County


Cook County Bureau of Economic Development – Agency Website

E-mail us at: Info.Edev@cookcountyil.gov