2016 CDBG and ESG Applications

The applications and related materials for the 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) applications are posted below.
The CDBG and ESG applications are due Friday, April 22, 2016 at 4:00pm.
****If you are having difficulty downloading the documents, please scroll to our directions at the bottom of this link.

CDBG Capital Improvement / Economic Development / Demolition Application
CDBG Public Service / Planning Application
CDBG Application Guide
CDBG Demolition Manual
ESG Application
ESG Application Guide

In addition to a hard copy of all application materials, please submit an electronic copy of the application PDF (as well as any additional pages used to answer application questions). Please see the applications and application guides for submission details. The County email server can accept files up to 10 megabytes. If your file is larger, feel free to use a file sharing service like Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com) and provide us with a link to your file.

Please use real signatures on your final application which is submitted to us. Digital signatures are not currently accepted.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has updated the low and moderate income data related to the CDBG program. Cook County’s area benefit income threshold exception has increased slightly to 50.3% (in prior years, it was 49.2%). You can find the updated income data at the links below.

Low and Moderate Income Data Overview: https://www.hudexchange.info/manage-a-program/acs-low-mod-summary-data/

Direct Link to State-by-State Income Data: https://www.hudexchange.info/manage-a-program/acs-low-mod-summary-data-summarized-block-groups/

Planning for Progress – consolidated plan for 2015 through 2019

Cook County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

Please note that a resolution in support of your application will be required this year as in past years. However, the two municipal public hearings are no longer required for CDBG applications.

2016 Workshops

Application workshops for the 2016 CDBG and ESG applications will be held on Monday, March 14th, 2016, at 69 W. Washington, Chicago, IL, on the 17th Floor.

The workshop times are as follows:

* CDBG Public Service and ESG workshop: 9:00am to 11:00am

* CDBG Capital Improvement, Demolition and Economic Development workshop: 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Please RSVP for the workshops by contacting Sonia Brown at (312) 603-1052 or by email at sonia.brown@cookcountyil.gov.
If you RSVP via email, please be sure to indicate which workshop you plan to attend and who will be attending from your organization. Attending an application workshop is not mandatory.

Please note that the afternoon application workshop will be followed at 2:30 pm by a mandatory workshop for all 2015 CDBG capital improvement grant recipients. This workshop will cover strategies to improve performance on Section 3 and Minority and Women-owned Business (M/WBE) participation in your capital improvement projects. 2015 capital improvement grant recipients will receive more information about this required workshop in the near future. Other interested individuals are welcome to attend this Section 3 and M/WBE workshop.


****Steps to downloading and using the fillable forms:

(1) Please do not fill out forms in your browser. In order to use the fillable forms, you must have Adobe 9.0 Reader or above on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader 9.0 or above, please go to the link http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and download the latest version of Adobe Reader onto your computer for FREE.

(2) Download the blank application forms (or forms) to your computer and open in your Adobe Reader 9.0 or above.

(3) Fill out your application form (or forms).

(4) Once you are done filling out your forms, please use the SAVE AS feature and save the completed form with the new name and keep your electronic copy on your computer. (In order to save the completed pdf, it must have a different name than the name of the blank pdf you downloaded from us).

(5) Keep your electronic copy of each application form and print the required paper copies. Obtain the required signatures and photocopy your final applications with signatures for your records. Please remember to use real signatures on your final application which is submitted to us. Digital signatures are not currently accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact dominic.tocci@cookcountyil.gov or (312) 603-1048.