About the Office of the Secretary of the Board

The Office of the Secretary to the Board is responsible in assisting the Board of Commissioners in performing their duties pursuant to County Ordinance and Board Rules (link to official ordinances site at municode.com).

The Secretary and office staff:

  • oversee the Board’s administrative and office budgets
  • staff the regular County Board meetings
  • prepare the regularly scheduled Finance, Roads & Bridges, and Zoning & Building meetings notices, agendas and reports
  • hold the communication and backup records of all items referred to the Board’s legislative committees and subcommittees
  • prepare the public meeting notices and write the Committee Reports for all meetings called by the respective Chairman
  • coordinate public hearings on various issues as well as the annual budget meetings.
  • schedules inner-office and public use of the County Board Room

Cook County – Secretary of the Board
118 N. Clark Street-Room 436
Chicago, IL   60602

Voice (312) 603-6127
Fax (312) 603-4683