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Bryant Williams from the Cook County Department of Environmental Control introduces President Preckwinkle while Forest Preserve District Superintendent Arnold Randall looks on at the Whistler Woods Clean-up event.

2013-04-20-FOTP-EarthDay -36

President Preckwinkle greets volunteers at the Whistler Woods Clean-up event.






Photographs courtesy of the National Park Service


Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who partnered with the Department of Environmental Control to make the 2013 Earth Day clean-up events a success:

Friends of the Park

Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Blue Island Bike Club

National Park Service

Major Taylor Bike Club

Southeast Environmental Task Force

Chicago Park District

E-Scrap Technologies

Cook County Sheriff’s Department


Only one Earth , we should cherish their homes !

Also thanks to those volunteers !



I love reading about community events like this. Earth Day efforts would be a great topic to cover in an article. At my holistic health website I have a section for environment but also social / global health. These events are not only important for our home here on earth but also for our holistic health and well-being.


This earth day thing is great, I hope my country would seriously consider to make such a big event for mother earth!


  1. […] Originally published on the Cook County Sustainability blog April 23rd, 2013 […]

  2. […] Originally published on the Cook County Sustainability blog April 23rd, 2013 […]

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