DIRTT panelCook County’s award-winning Demolition Debris Diversion Ordinance was discussed by a group of architects, interior designers and reuse specialists on November 11.  Hosted by DIRTT Environmental Solutions, the panel featured Cook County’s Sustainability Officer Deborah Stone; DIRTT’s Calgary-based sustainability leader Andrée Iffrig;  Andrew Balster, an architect and executive director of nonprofit ARCHEWORKS, a Chicago-based, multidisciplinary, public interest design school; Anne Nicklin, executive director of the Building Materials Reuse Association; and John Mlade, senior sustainability manager and “living building challenge” specialist for strategic consultant YR&G.

Building materials constitute up to 40 percent of all waste in metro areas across the country, and manufacture of new building materials is a significant source of  greenhouse gas emissions.  The County has spurred over 90 percent recycling and reuse of materials by its Demolition Debris Diversion Ordinance.