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Photographs courtesy of the National Park Service


Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who partnered with the Department of Environmental Control to make the 2013 Earth Day clean-up events a success:

Friends of the Park

Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Blue Island Bike Club

National Park […]

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In recognition of Earth Day the Cook County Department of Environmental Control is participating in several events this month that will include electronics recycling and prescription drug take-back opportunities.

For more information or to learn about other pharmaceutical disposal opportunities, call the Environmental Control Department at 312-603-8200.

April […]

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  January is Radon Awareness Month

The Cook County Radon Awareness Program is encouraging residents of Cook County to test their home for radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into a house through cracks in the basement floor and walls, around the openings of the sump pump […]

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Cook County Residents can help the environment by keeping unused medications out of the waste stream. The EPA has asked people not to flush old medications, as trace elements have been found in groundwater. Each year, close to 5,000 tons of pharmaceutical and personal care products enter the waste stream. Many survive water treatment […]

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Cook County’s Solid Waste Management Plan Update, approved earlier this year, tasks the County with continuing to decrease the amount of waste we are sending to landfills.  As a part of this effort, The Cook County Department of Environmental Control has partnered with other counties in the region, […]

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