CCDES is a member of the Illinois Recycling Contamination Task Force, a group that addresses pressing recycling issues throughout the state. To answer specific recycling questions, the task force has launched the Dirty Dozen Campaign.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, textile waste accounted for 8% of all landfilled municipal solid waste in 2017. In Cook County, 6% of our residential waste is textiles. But this does not mean you should put these items in your recycling bin or cart either.

What can you do with clothing and textiles you no longer want or need?

REDUCE Your Textile Waste

  • Think before you buy new clothing. Consider if you already have a similar item. Do not buy items you are unlikely to wear more than a few times.
  • Consider mending or repairing your clothes.
  • Buy secondhand clothing when you can.

REUSE Your Clothing and Textiles

RECYCLE Your Clothing and Textiles

  • Clothing retailers may collect clothing in stores. Some have even offered discounts towards new clothing items when recycling an old garment.
  • Some retailers offer discounts or participate in clothing recycling.
  • For clothing recycler locations, use Earth911’s locator tool or donation bins near you.